The mission of South Peninsula Hospital is to provide you with quality medical care regardless of your ability to pay. We can appreciate the dramatic impact unexpected medical bills can have when insurance coverage is not available or is insufficient. We have several ways to help you in this time of need:

Self-Pay Discount – This discount is to reduce the medical financial burden on patients with no insurance coverage or who choose to not utilize insurance benefits from private or government entities. Patients who do not have insurance or who choose to not utilize insurance benefits are eligible for a Self-Pay Discount equal to 25% of total charges. Self-pay discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts.

Advanced Imaging Self-Pay Discounts
In direct response from growing feedback from the community, this pilot program offers deep discounts on MRI and CT services to patients willing to pay at or before time of service.    The exam must be paid for in advance, no other discount or payment plan can apply, and the hospital will not bill insurance. Click here for more info.

Financial Assistance – Our Financial Assistance Program is provided to all persons in need of medical attention and fall within our financial guidelines.   It is available for catastrophic and emergent events, yet is not available for elective or medically unnecessary procedures.  Attached is our financial aid packet.