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Wellness Wednesdays

Join us Wednesday, Dec. 6 as we learn about one of humanity’s oldest and easiest forms of food preservation: fermentation from Ash Shover!

This session will provide a brief history of fermentation, tips for success for those new to the practice and understanding of the benefits that fermented foods provide. Stop by to try some samples and learn about how fermentation can benefit you! We’ll also have soup and warm bread to enjoy during the presentation.

At 6pm we’ll move into a Yin yoga class taught by Metis Riley. Yin yoga is a slow, low-to-the-ground practice; poses are held for a few minutes with the aid of props, allowing gravity and time to move the body deeper into the posture. This class is suitable for all ages and experience levels!

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December Newsletter

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Upcoming Events

Data Breach – SPH has been informed of a potential patient information data-breach in May, 2022 involving Professional Finance Company, Inc., a vendor contracted to recover outstanding payments. Personal identification information of approximately 250 patients was possibly accessed, and those patients have been mailed written notice. See letter and official notice below for additional information and advisement.

Patient Protections Against Surprise Billing
You have rights and protections against surprise medical bills when getting treated by out-of-network providers, and you have a right to get a “Good Faith Estimate” for services if uninsured or not using insurance. See our Pricing and Estimates page for more detail.