Measles – what should you do?

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) has confirmed a single case of measles in an unvaccinated teenager from the Kenai Peninsula who recently traveled out of state to Arizona via Seattle, Washington. This makes Alaska the 29th state to have a confirmed case of measles in 2019. 

If you think that you or someone in your family might have measles – call your healthcare provider.  It is important to get care quickly, but make sure you call first and don’t go directly to the hospital, your doctor’s office, clinic or school.  Providers will have specific instructions to prevent exposing others to infectious disease.

Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) Alternative Pain Therapy

Although there are many causes of back pain, one of the more common is facet arthritis. The facet joint provides stability to the vertebral column of the back and the facets in the lower back often develop debilitating back pain. One might experience pain with rising from a sitting position or from riding in a car.…

Wildfire Smoke and your Health

Here are a few tips for your health as the southern peninsula gets more smoke from the Swan Lake fire:
The biggest health threat from smoke is from fine particles. These microscopic particles can get into your eyes and respiratory system, where they can cause health problems such as burning eyes, runny nose, and illnesses such as bronchitis.…