The mission of South Peninsula Hospital is to provide you with quality medical care regardless of your ability to pay. We can appreciate the dramatic impact unexpected medical bills can have when insurance coverage is not available or is insufficient. We have several ways to help you in this time of need:

Self-Pay Discount
Patients who do not have insurance, or who choose not to utilize insurance benefits, will automatically receive a Self-Pay Discount equal to 25% of the total charges. Applies to hospital services, clinic, outpatient surgery and professional charges.   Income qualifications are not required.

Prompt Pay Discount
Patients who do not have insurance are eligible for a 10% prompt pay discount. South Peninsula Hospital offers a 10% discount to uninsured self-pay patients who pay their balance within 30-days front the date of the first cycle statement.  Income qualifications are not required.

Medicaid—Expedited Enrollment
South Peninsula Hospital is qualified to make preliminary Medicaid eligibility determinations for qualified applicants.  Presumptive Eligibility is an expedited process of enrolling eligible applicants for short term coverage in the Medicaid program.  It provides eligible individuals with immediate coverage while their application is processed for the full Medicaid program.

Pre-Paid Discount
A pre-paid discount is available to the residents in Long Term Care.  A sliding discount is available based on pre-payments of 60 days, 90 days and greater than 90 days.

Other Insurance Enrollment Assistance
Assistance is available with enrolling in Medicare, Medicaid or the federally mandated insurance options in Alaska. Call (907) 235-0994 to speak with a financial counselor, or inquire at your next visit.

Financial Assistance
Discounted care is offered to persons who cannot afford to pay including those who are uninsured or underinsured and/or not eligible for any private or public health care program. Information can be found in this Financial Assistance Brochure and Financial Assistance Policy. Individuals must meet established criteria to qualify for financial assistance as outlined in the financial aid packet. (Medicaid recipients please use this form instead).

For information on any of the programs listed here or to speak to a financial counselor, call (907) 235-0994.