At South Peninsula Hospital, we agree that transparency about the cost of health care is important. Click the link below to see several resources to help you understand and compare costs, including price estimators, shoppable services and prices by CPT code.

Healthcare cost and pricing

Also, listed here are the billed charges for our most common healthcare procedures as of January 2021, listed in order of diagnostic code groupings.

The price a patient would actually pay for services may vary depending on what type of insurance coverage they have or any uninsured patient discounts or financial assistance.  Self-pay programs can offer 25% or more off the listed price depending upon eligibility. Note that pricing may vary from hospital to hospital depending upon how many units are included in the listed price especially for pharmaceuticals (i.e. one 500 mg tablet vs five 100 mg tablets) or the quantity or item size (i.e. surgical implants or the amount of anesthesia required). It is important to take into account more than just the price when choosing where to get your care.  Other factors such as quality, level of service, and continuity of care are also important considerations. South Peninsula hospital is a three-time Top 100 Critical Access Hospital, and regularly receives 4 out of 5 stars for quality in Medicare’s Hospital Compare Tool. For more information about the cost of your care, please contact our patient financial counselors at 907-235-8101. For more information about the quality of your care, visit our performance page   or contact our Quality Management department at 907-235-0874.