City takes the trophy in Homer Steps Up Challenge!

The City of Homer won the trophy in the first ever inter-agency steps challenge, sponsored by South Peninsula Hospital.

Agency# of ParticipantsCumulative AverageHigh Steppers
City of Homer32 participants337,571Todd Cook: 609,797 steps
SPH115 participants311,239dKristen Churchill: 640,707
The Center22 participants309,152Laurie Heckert: 745,484
SVT Health & Wellness15 participants287,108Monica Anderson: 453,614

Top stepper of the challenge was Laurie Heckert: 745,484.

Nearly 200 people participated in the challenge, organized by South Peninsula Hospital between lead health organizations in the community during the month of May.  The individual participant goal was 7,500 steps each day. The individual with the most steps won $250, and those who walk a minimum of 166,067 total steps were entered into a drawing for a $1,000 cash prize, donated by the South Peninsula Hospital Foundation.

The hospital plans to get even more teams involved next year, and offer an individual category.