Rotary Health Fair

Deeply Discounted Blood Tests Offered!

Rotary Health Fair will be offering deeply discounted blood draws from October 10 through November 4 by appointment. Appointments can be made at Appointments are required and payment is by credit card.  Appointments are 7:30am-10:30am in Conference Room 3 at the hospital, and free flu shots will be offered in conjunction with one’s appointment.

A wellness Package will be offered for $170 that includes one’s basic panel, thyroid and Vitamin D; the Basic panel is $55, and specialized labs run from $50 to $75 and include TSH, Prostate, Thyroid Free T4, Cardiac CRP, Vitamin D, Hemoglobain A1C and Testosterone. On average these are about 70% discounted and are a window into one’s health and a way to detect health concerns before they become a serious problem.

Rotary Health Fair is in it’s 39th year and is sponsored by Homer Kachemak Bay Rotary in cooperation with South Peninsula Hospital. This year marks the return of the in person fair after a two year hiatus due to the pandemic. The in person fair will be Saturday, November 5 from 9am-1pm, however blood draws will not be offered at the fair, though other health services including flu shots and Covid-19 vaccines will. Potential exhibitors can visit for an exhibitor application. Deadline is Oct. 1.