pageiconwomenshealthWhether young or old, women have unique health needs and challenges. Homer and South Peninsula Hospital have resources for women concerning many of these issues, so you can learn more about your body and help yourself stay healthy. Use these links to help you:

  • Find helpful resources with information to treat and prevent issues such as pelvic floor dysfunction (which can cause urinary or bowel incontinence, pelvic pain, or organ prolapse), as well as other common gynecological conditions such as sexual or non-sexually transmitted infections and disease.
  • Learn more about tactics to prevent osteoporosis and breast and gynecological cancer, including help undergoing and recovering from mastectomy or hysterectomy. Also, receive information to help you understand menopause and its associated issues.
  • Gain access to resources involving your reproductive options, such as the right birth control option for you. Get help with other family planning assistance, such as making the best multidisciplinary birth plan for you and your baby.
  • Find support and assistance if you or someone you know is a current or recovering victim of domestic violence.