Healthy habits can help prevent disease and other negative health outcomes, contributing to a longer and more enjoyable life for you and your loved ones.  Here you will find national and local resources for living a healthy lifestyle and to help you prevent health problems that you may be at risk for.

Prevention can include things like your yearly wellness exams, healthy eating, and keeping up a healthy level of activity for your individual needs but it can also be avoiding unhealthy products and behaviors that contribute to negative health outcomes.

Of course there are habits that are healthy for everyone but understanding the whole picture your health, including family medical history, will help determine what kinds of preventive medicine and healthy lifestyle habits are more important for you than for other people.  Some people have higher health risks than others depending on age, medical history, environment, etc.

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  • Two out of three Alaska adults are now overweight or obese. About one out of three Alaska children is overweight or obese. Play Every Day increases public awareness about the health risks of childhood obesity and the importance of physical activity and choosing healthy drinks to prevent and reduce obesity.

  • Ready to quit? Thinking about quitting? No matter where you are in the process, Alaska’s Tobacco Quit Line can help. Which option can help you quit your way?

  • Here in Alaska, there’s a place online to find out how to prevent injuries, and prevent and manage chronic health conditions. Those conditions may be related to weight gain, tobacco use or cancer.

  • Our local farmers market, accepting cash, credit & debit cards, SNAP benefits and WIC.

  • An Aging and Disability Resource Center Promoting choice, independence, and quality of life for persons and families living with disability.

  • Functional Medicine looks for the root cause of disease and addresses lifestyle modifications to enhance personal wellness. Get to know our own local Functional Medicine Clinic, led by Rob Downey, MD and Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Provider.