Calm Sea

Stop, Breathe & Think App  – A friendly, simple tool to guide people of all ages and backgrounds through meditations for mindfulness and compassion.  (Available for Android, Apple and Web)

Calm  – Calm is a free app where users could select background scenery and sounds. The user can set a timer for how long of a meditation time they would like. Calm offers a “7 days of Calm” module taking you through lessons on: 1. What is Mindfulness? 2. Paying Attention 3. Deepening Concentration 4. Pulling Out of Autopilot 5. Returning to the Here and Now 6. The Value of Non-Doing 7. Patience (Available for Android, Apple and Web)

Headspace  – Headspace is meditation made simple. Learn online, when you want, wherever you are, in just 10 minutes a day. Headspace is your very own personal trainer, here to help you train your mind. On your mobile and tablet, you can listen to Headspace on the go and download sessions to use offline. On your computer, you can play any session, any time.  (Available for Android, Apple and Web)

Mind Apps  – Mind Apps offers three apps: Sleep, Breathe and Relax.

  • Sleep – If you have sleeping problems it is important to create new good habits. Mind Apps have created functions to help you to implement these habits in your daily life.
  • Breathe – Measure your breath. After having assessed your breathing ratio Breathing Space will create a suitable program for you.
  • Relax – A few minutes each day is all that is needed to enjoy the benefits of meditation. The Mindfulness Notices and Reminders together with the Statistics are great tools to help you remember to practice.

Happify  – Overcome stress, negative thoughts and build resilience. Happify is the single destination for effective, evidence-based solutions for better emotional health and wellbeing in the 21st century. (Available for Android, Apple and Web)

Omvana  – Omvana brings you audios for meditation, sleep, relaxation, productivity, focus and inspiration. The free version gives you 25 different meditation tracks. (Available for Android, Apple and Web)

Insight Timer  – The Timer contains hundreds of customizable features for tracking your meditation practice; peaceful polyphonic bells, interval & random bells, personalized presets for storing your favorite daily configurations, and a journal.

Daily Yogahttps://www.dailyyoga.comDaily Yoga – offers yoga classes in HD Video, scheduled plans designed by professionals and relaxing music for de-stressing.  (Available for Android)


The Free Mindfulness Project  – The Free Mindfulness Project – is a growing collection of free-to-download mindfulness meditation exercises. The aim of The Free Mindfulness Project is to provide easy and free access to mindfulness meditation exercises by inviting the wider mindfulness community to share their resources here.

Ted TalksAndy Puddicombe: All it takes is 10 mindful minutes is the last time you did absolutely nothing for 10 whole minutes? Not texting, talking or even thinking? Mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe describes the transformative power of doing just that: Refreshing your mind for 10 minutes a day, simply by being mindful and experiencing the present moment. (No need for incense or sitting in strange positions.)

60 Minutes Special on Mindfulness – Anderson Cooper – This video is included in Week 1 of the free online Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course (MBSR) by Palouse Mindfulness (

Yoga with Adriene for all levels, all bodies, all genders, all souls Work up a sweat, or calm and relieve a tired mind and body. Create space. Tone and trim. Cultivate self-love. Make time for you.

Other Online Resources

Living Well – Mindfulness Exercises  – Mindfulness strategies which include audio mindfulness exercises you can download, and also PDF files you can read over. You can download them to a CD or straight to an iPod or MP3 player. Use the ones that seem most helpful to you.

Mindful Self-Compassion  Christopher Germer, PhD – Meditation Downloads – Free downloadable meditation – intended to guide you through the first phase of mindful self-compassion training. The meditations are primarily instructional in nature and briefer than most meditation sessions.

Mindful MUSCLE
7 Best YouTube Guided Meditations –

– Get up 15 minutes early
– Take a walk outside
– Meditate
– Laugh
– Create an art project
– Try to delegate or solicit help.
– Create a healthy meal plan
– Get enough sleep
– Exercise
– Stretch several times a day
– Breathe deeply
– Use mindfulness meditation
– Engage your senses
– Take breaks
– Get a massage
– Spend time with a hobby
– Learn yoga
– Spend 15 minutes in the Reflection Room
– Listen  to music
– Allow time to daydream
– Take time to enjoy nature
– Take a nap
– Start a journal

– Have a piece of dark chocolate
– Take a bath
– Drink chamomile tea
– Try aromatherapy
– Spend time with a pet
– Doodle
– Read a book
– Do a puzzle
– Take a dance class
– Try aerobics
– Reduce caffeine intake
– Spend time with a friend
– Take a drive to someplace new
– Create a schedule
– Don’t procrastinate
– Redecorate your work space
– Create a gratitude list
– Treat yourself to some flowers
– Watch the sunset
– Go to the beach
– Take a vacation
– Color in a color book
– Play a game