Support groups are usually made up of individuals who are going through or have gone through similar experiences, sharing with each other in order to process and recover from difficulties.  These experiences may include health conditions like cancer, depression, and substance abuse, or they may be emotional and related to life events, like bereavement.

Support groups can be helpful and bridge the gap between medical treatment and the need to talk about what we’re going through.  They are not substitutes for professional help, but are often recommended by healthcare providers and generally regarded as beneficial by the medical community.

  • Click here to view and download the Careline’s suicide prevention brochure to learn about the Careline and what to do if you are worried about someone else who may be suicidal.

CARELINE (Alaska’s Suicide Prevention & “someone to talk to” 24-hour confidential Helpline: 877-266-HELP (4337) (on mobile – click the 800 number to call right away)

or text “4help” to 839863 between 3-11 PM, Tuesday-Saturday (on mobile iOS devices you can click the link and it will automatically open an SMS text message to 839863 for you to type “4help” to and someone will get right back to you if it is between 3 – 11 PM, Tuesday-Saturday.)