You’ll receive personal attention from your physician or midwife and our well-trained staff in your private Labor-Delivery-Recovery suite. Since having a baby is a family affair, we provide sleeper sofas in each room so you can have your loved ones with you, if you desire, and a whirlpool tub to support mother in the laboring process. Siblings are allowed to attend births as long as there is another adult in attendance. You are encouraged to keep your baby in your room during your stay. At times that you need more rest, we are more than happy to care for your baby in our nursery. Before you leave you will receive newborn education and access to many resources for further help.

photograph © LINDA SMOGOR

In a recent survey of infant feeding practices in facilities that provide maternity care, our Family Birthing Center scored well above average for other facilities of a similar size. The national score percentile average is 35, the state of Alaska’s average is 28, and the average among US facilities of similar size is 42. South Peninsula Hospital scored 58.

The scoring was based on infant feeding care best practices, including labor and delivery care, postpartum care, facility discharge care, staff training and structural and organization support. Specific components include but are not limited to practices such as placing the newborn skin-to-skin with the mother, offering pacifiers and supplements only when medically indicated, and allowing the infant to stay with the mother 24 hours a day without unnecessary separation.

The scores for South Peninsula Hospital were exceptionally high in labor and delivery care (94 of 100), and in postpartum care including: feeding of breastfed infants (100 of 100), Breastfeeding Assistance (81 of 100), and Contact between mother and infant (83 of 100).

The survey was conducted by the Battelle Centers for Public Health Research and Evaluation for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in fall of 2007. For more information on the survey results and a complete list of best practices visit For more information on South Peninsula Hospital’s Family Birthing Center call (907) 235-0245.