Gynecology, Urology, Oncology and Ear/Nose/Throat care are some but not all of the specialty services offered from resident and visiting specialists.  Many provide appointments at the Specialty Clinic, conveniently located at 4201 Bartlett Street, #201. Others can be found at Homer Medical Center or at the main hospital.  Although some providers set their own appointments, you can contact the Specialty Clinic for information and assistance setting appointments at (907) 235-0310.

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Specialists located at 4201 Bartlett Street, Suite 201
(907) 235-0310

Ear, Nose and Throat
Dwight Ellerbe, MD Alaska Center for Ear Nose and Throat
Donald Endres, MD Geneva Woods Ear, Nose and Throat
Mark Lorenz, MD Alaska Center for Ear Nose and Throat
Stephen Schaffer, MD Alaska Center for Ear Nose and Throat

Ross Tanner, DO
Michael Hennigan, MD

Brent Adcox, MD
Kurt Mentzer, MD

Marek Martynowicz, MD

Rob Cadoff, MD Central Peninsula Urology
Jeffrey Simerville, MD Alaska Urology
J. Wesley Turner, MD Alaska Urology

Specialists at other hospital locations

Addiction Medicine
Sarah Spencer, DO  Homer Medical Center (907) 235-8586

Asthma and Allergy
Devry Garity, NP   Homer Medical Center  (907) 235-8586

Krzysztof Balaban, MD  Alaska Heart Institute, (907) 561-3211
William Mayer, MD   Alaska Heart Institute, (907) 561-3211
Pacemaker Clinic (907) 561-3211

Ryan Abbott, DDS  (907) 226-3700
Vickey Hodnik, DDS  (907) 235-7585
W. Jay Marley, DDS  (907) 235-8909
Susan Polis, DDS  (907) 235-1286

Infusion Clinic
he small building on Bartlett above the Specialty Clinic – (907) 235-0201

Stephano Emili, MD Aurora Kidney, (907) 770-7213

David Rankine, MD, (907) 235-0929
Graham Glass, MD   Peak Neurology (907) 235-7200

Renda Knapp, MD   Homer Medical Center  (907) 235-8586

Darren Mullins, MD  Central Peninsula Hospital   (907) 714-4490
Dana Oswald, APRN Central Peninsula Hospital (907) 714-4490

Garret Sitenga, MD  Mountainview Clinic  (907) 235-2358

Danny Romman, DPM Central Peninsula Hospital (907) 714-5312

Erik O’Guinn Advanced Biomechanics Incorporated   (907) 262-1515

Sleep Center
Sleep Center, Bartlett Street  (907) 235-7200
Ross Dodge, MD (907) 235-7200

V.A. Clinic
Roy Boone, MD  Veteran’s Administration  (907) 395-4100 or 877-797-8924