Our Medical Weight Loss provider, Carrie Warren, NP, has specialized training in obesity medicine and treatment, offering a comprehensive program that includes behavior modification and a personalized approach.

Patients of Sunrise Medical Weight Loss receive an individualized comprehensive weight loss plan including behavior modification, nutrition counseling, and medical care that can be extended as needed.

This is the only program with a certified obesity management specialist on the Kenai Peninsula. Under the care and supervision of a specialist who understands the complexity of obesity management, patients are more likely to stick to a program. Before enrolling in the Sunrise Medical Weight Loss program, first we assess the patient’s readiness to undergo the program, potential contraindications, and their willingness to learn and attend their appointments. We can refer to other specialists if needed, and are the only program certified to perform preoperative clearance for Bariatric surgery on the Kenai Peninsula and are covered by most insurances.

For consultation information, contact Sunrise Medical Weight Loss at the South Peninsula Family Care Clinic by phone: (907) 235-0900

Mei Mershon, MA and Medical Weight Loss specialist Carrie Warren, MSN, FNP-C