pageiconsafety3Keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe is important to us all. Summer in Alaska provides special safety challenges with more time on the water and endless daylight hours for fun activities and home maintenance. Focusing on prevention and safe practices trains us to think of safety first whenever we engage in an activity; whether at work, recreation or everyday around the house.

South Peninsula Hospital provides “Safe Sitter” certification throughout the year during school district breaks or holidays.  Safe Sitter is for students in grades 6-8 who are starting a babysitting business, staying home alone or watching siblings at home. This comprehensive program teaches skills such as behavior management, personal safety,  first aid, choking rescue & CPR for infants & children.

The next Safe Sitter course is scheduled for August 9th, 2019, click here for more info.

To enroll in a class or get on the waiting list for the next class, you can call 235-0970. The class fee is $50 and preregistration is required.

Click here for the webpage.