Functional Medicine doctor holds free online zoom event

Dr. Rob Downey, MD, certified practitioner by the Institute for Functional Medicine is bringing a new kind of healthcare to Alaska with the opening Seaworthy Functional Medicine, a department of South Peninsula Hospital.

This is a re-launch of the existing South Peninsula Hospital Functional Medicine Clinic, with a focus on new ways to connect to wellness locally, statewide and nationwide. To celebrate the clinic’s re-opening on Wednesday, July 1st, Dr. Downey and the team at Seaworthy will be hosting a live online Q&A with area residents from 10-11am. The subject of this free zoom event will be “What is Functional Medicine and Why Does it Hold the Key to Chronic Illness. To attend this event, please go to and enroll.

Alaska’s diverse climate and huge geographic span both give it a well-earned reputation for excitement and adventure while also throwing big hurdles in the way of getting to doctor’s visits. When you feel sick or at your worst, the pure geographic scope of living in Alaska can be an obstacle to getting health care. Seaworthy Functional Medicine offers telemedicine as way to get quality health care advice in real time when you need it. Seaworthy’s functional medicine approach allows you to access care from afar via telemedicine in conjunction with the support of your primary care provider.

For more information about Seaworthy Functional Medicine Clinic, or this event, contact the clinic at 435-3070, or