COVID-19 News and Media Archives

July 8, 2020 Hospital adds new COVID-19 rooms

July 8, 2020 KTOO Alaska companies got the biggest payroll protection program loans

July 3, 2020 KBBI: The COVID Brief

July 1, 2020  Homer News: Hospital staff clear of COVID-19 as statewide case count grows

June 17, 2020 South Peninsula Hospital staff test positive for COVID-19

June 11, 2020 KBBI: Homer healthcare team recount Tustumena COVID response

June 9, 2020 Anchorage Daily News: State ferry returns to wary Homer, where crew and passengers get COVID-19 tests

June 9, 2020 Homer News: Tustumena returns to Homer carrying COVID-19 positive crew member

June 8, 2020 M/V Tustumena Media Briefing

May 28, 2020 KBBI: COVID-19 Brief

May 28, 2020 KBBI: Five new COVID-19 cases break out locally

May 27, 2020 Homer News: South Peninsula Hospital restarts most of its services

May 27, 2020 Homer News: 1 new COVID-19 case announced in Bethel area/a>

May 25, 2020 Homer News: 3 new COVID-19 cases on peninsula

May 20, 2020 Homer News: Change in DHSS database sows residency confusion

May 19, 2020 Homer News: Alaska has three new COVID-19 cases

May 18, 2020 Homer News: Sixth Homer resident tests positive

May 17, 2020 KBBI: Fifth COVID-19 case identified in Homer

May 15, 2020 KBBI: Hospitals not profiting from COVID-19 deaths

May 14, 2020 KBBI: The COVID Brief

May 12, 2020 KBBI: COVID-19 Update – Phase II, SPH funding and sanitizing the library

May 10, 2020 ADN: As Alaska’s summer tourism season nears, a mix of unease, resistance and hope at the end of the road

May 7, 2020 Homer News: Swains join South Peninsula Hospital health care team

May 7, 2020 KBBI: Homer COIVD-19 Task Force ready for next round of mandate easing

May 7, 2020 KBBI: The COIVD Brief with Kathleen Gustafson

May 6, 2020 ADN: Alaska reports 10th death from COVID-19, the first in weeks

May 6, 2020 KBBI: Anchor Point man dies at SPH of COVID-19

May 6, 2020 DHSS Confirms First Death of Kenai Peninsula Borough Resident Related to COVID-19

May 4, 2020 Homer News: Peninsula COVID-19 cases grow over weekend

May 3, 2020 One Positive COVID-19 Rapid Test Result from SPH Confirmed

May 2, 2020 South Peninsula Hospital health worker helps NYC during pandemic

April 30, 2020 Two Positive COVID-19 Test Results from SPH Confirmed Today

April 30, 2020 2 new COVID-19 cases announced at South Peninsula Hospital

April 22, 2020 Homer News: South Peninsula Hospital continues testing, preparations for COVID-19

April 21, 2020 KBBI COVID Update: Expanded testing, city playgrounds closed, trails open

April 16, 2020 KBBI/Facebook: Message From Bonita Banks, Community Education Nurse at South Peninsula Hospital

April 16, 2020 KBBI COVID-19 Update with Kathleen Gustafson

April 16, 2020 KBBI: Important changes to coronavirus testing in Covid Update

April15, 2020 Homer News: South Peninsula Hospital gets rapid test machine, sets up alternate testing site

April 14, 2020 KBBI: Monday night Covid-19 update – Homer City Council Meeting

April 14, 2020 The Alaska Show Podcast: Alaska Coronavirus Update #9 – testing/supplies/telehealth

April 10, 2020 KBBI/Facebook: Message From Bonita Banks, Community Education Nurse at South Peninsula Hospital

April 10, 2020 KBBI: Face masks, shields being made locally

April 9, 2020 KBBI: Update from Homer unified command
April 8, 2020 Homer News CEO Ryan Smith Point of View: South Peninsula Hospital is preparing for pandemic

April 8, 2020 Homer News: A Look inside SPH Alternate Care Site

April 8, 2020 KBBI Coffee Table: A Public Health Q&A and a look at local relief funds

April 7, 2020 KBBI: COVID-19 Udpate: The latest numbers, a mask pattern and Don’t Flush Your Wipes

April 4, 2020 State of Alaska Reports Out-of-State COVID-19 Death of Anchor Point Resident

April 4, 2020 The Alaska Show podcast: Alaska Coronavirus Update #8

April 2, 2020 Homer News: Capacity expands at South Peninsula Hospital while Homer Public Health tracks down case contacts

April 2, 2020 KBBI: COVID-19 Brief

March 31, 2020 KBBI: Another message from Bonita Banks, Community Education Nurse at South Peninsula Hospital

March 30, 2020 KPB OEM Community Conversation: Panel discussion live stream @ KPBalerts with SPH

March 30, 2020 Homer News: Second Homer resident tests positive for COVID-19

March 28, 2020 KPB OEM Alerts: Confirmed COVID-19 Case in the Homer Area

March 27, 2020 Homer News: Local hospital update: 37 COVID-19 tests have been performed

March 25, 2020 Homer News: South Peninsula Hospital has tested 25 people for COVID-19

March 23, 2020 Top of The World Radio: Special Report with Derotha Ferraro: Update on COVID 19 – What does the future hold for our economy

March 9, 2020 KBBI: Nurse Banks: Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands