South Kenai Peninsula Opioid Task Force Monthly Meeting

South Kenai Peninsula Opioid Task Force Monthly Meeting

June 24, 2020

In all three MAPP led Community Health Needs Assessments (2008, 2012 & 2016) “Substance Abuse” has continued to be the top ranked factor most negatively affecting the community. Couple this with the growing opioid epidemic and community members have come together to create a local task force. The task force is looking at what is already occurring within the community (e.g. the twice monthly Exchange) and identifying areas where more mobilization is still needed. The task force meets on a monthly basis and has work groups to tackle various actionable areas. All community members with an interest in this effort are encouraged to participate.

The SKP Opioid Task Force meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month
South Peninsula Hospital
Training Center
203 West Pioneer Avenue

Please email in order to be added to the task force list serve and be alerted of upcoming meetings and work group opportunities.

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